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The National Library of Wales;


The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society;


The Royal Society of Portrait Painters;


Museum and Art Gallery, Newport;


Llandovery College;


Trinity College;


Lampeter College;


Cardiff and County Club;


University of Wales College of Medicine;


The Sir Geraint Evans Wales Heart Research Institute.

David Griffiths is represented in public and private collections, including:


The American Embassy, London;


The House of Lords, London;


The British Association of Anaesthetists, London;


The Federation of British Anaesthetists, London;


The Association of Chartered Surveyors;


Speaker's House, Westminster;


The Linnean Society of London;


The City Hall, Cardiff;


Liverpool University;


Peterhouse College, Cambridge;


University of Wales, Cardiff, Aberystwyth,

Swansea and Bangor;





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